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Resolved! Connected to fibre.. not that impressed

So all spring Telus has been digging up the neighbourhood laying pipe for the “fibre”, and I have been eager to try it. So, last week out of the blue we get an email informing us a technician will arrive between 9 and 11 Sept 22. Great, I never offic...

62063e by Organizer
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Buzzer not working after internet installation

Hi everyone,Wonder if anyone has issues with buzzer stopped working after Telus installed internet 75 in my apartment. Apparently it’s using the same phone jack for both internet and buzzer. Any suggestion is much appreciated. Telus is not taking res...

lliew by Just Moved In
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Slow Internet Speeds ( Gigabit Plan )

I recently made the switch to gigabit internet and was quite disappointed to see that there is no significant improvement over my previous plan (150). I understand that speeds may vary and that speeds are device dependant. I also understand that over...

Resolved! Wifi 6 modem

Any updates on when Telus will release a wifi 6 modem and/or router?

Oilerfan by Just Moved In
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Alexa and Optik

I cannot get these two connected. My Alexas (I have 3 in the house) are all working properly. They and my TV and my app are all on the same network (and I checked twice) but when I try to follow the on line instructions to connect them, my app cannot...

Daryl5612 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Question regarding ethernet connection in an apartment

Hello, I live in an apartment with the modem and router set up in a closet on the first floor. I've been getting unstable wifi for the past couple months for whatever reason and wanted to move on to using ethernet cable to strengthen the internet con...

brianj411 by Just Moved In
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TELUS Gmail on Outlook 2003

Getting your TELUS Gmail platform email on Outlook 2003 is possible and works quite well. Here is my process. I was also able to add my Gmail.

jhl_1-1600634201020.jpeg jhl_2-1600634209781.jpeg jhl_3-1600634219321.jpeg jhl_4-1600634228098.jpeg
jhl by Just Moved In
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Email password issue

Hello. Every other day I get a message saying “Password Incorrect” for my telus email account and the system wants me to “Enter the password for the IMAP account “Telus”. I’ve of course changed the PW through the “forget” section of webmail and then ...

Phx1845 by Friendly Neighbour
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