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Cannot contact Telus about home Internet


 I have/had Telus internet for a long time, no longer on a contract and I moved recently mid August. I contacted telus to move my internet services to my new location. The support person said they would have to split the connection or something along those lines as there is only the one line here and it is the owner of the house (im in basement suite) and that I would not be charged in the meantime, as clearly I am not using the services, this was first week of september. Anyhow fast forward a month, I notice I am still getting billed and no one has shown up to connect my services, I call again and get passed around to various people until finally the last person just doesn't pick up... annoying. ANYHOW I call back and yet again get the company line that I am not on the right number that they cannot help me bla bla ... now 2 month's later I am still getting charged, no one has shown up and they have suspended my account for 'late payment' and now whenever I try to call support it just says that I cannot be connected as my account has been suspended and the only way I can reach support is by paying the balance for the last two month's that I havent been able to use the internet!!? 

Sorry for vent paragraph but seriously what do I do? Obviously I am not going to just eat the bill... but how do I reach support to amend this? I just want to cancel my plan at this point but it seems literally impossible to do? Do I just go into a telus phone store or what?



Is it possible that you are being billed for Internet service at your old place still?

Yes. They are billing me for the internet at my old place. The Telus support guy I talked with said that they would not bill me until they connected my internet here at my new place. It shows that I have used 0gb for the last two billing months though.

Unless you are trying to keep a good rate from your old Internet plan it would be better to disconnect the old service ASAP and connect the new service as a new plan.

Yes, I just want to cancel it at this point and sort it out later... but I cannot seem to find any way to cancel a subscription on my Telus account. Am I missing something??? If you can direct me to where I can cancel my plan that would be fantastic. I'll sort the billing out later, but as it stands with them not allowing me to contact them in any meaningful way it is challenging to say the least.

I almost always use the online Chat to get anything done on my account. Answer "I need to speak to a person" to every question the Bot asks you and eventually you'll get a person.

annoyingly it just keeps telling me to call the number over and over, thanks though.

I may have lead you astray with my oversimplified instructions to answer with "I need to speak to a person" to everything. You may need to answer certain questions with a real answer to get you to the right agent. It could also be a case of not having any online Chat agents available right now. Try again later or tomorrow.

Will do. The whole 'suspending' the number my account is connected too seems like a pretty bad feature. Feels like they are purposely making it near impossible for me to get in contact with them or to cancel my plan.

Well you were right I could get a hold of them through the chat feature, the number connected to my account was 'suspended' but my issue with the chat was actually a simple one, I did not know what a 'homes solution customer' was and did not think I was one of them and kept selection 'no'. I just had to select 'yes, I am a homes solution customer' and that brought me to the proper chat!

That is good news. I hope you get things sorted out soon.