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Resolved! Telus Wi-Fi boosters independent mode

Hi everyone, I have two Telus Wi-Fi boosters at home. Each one has a removable plate with its default Wi-Fi SSID and password. I’ve been using just one booster for quite a while, and now I’d like to add the other one. I’m diing it via the iOS Telus C...

SAP by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! is port 80 and 443 blocked?

I'm trying to setup my own webserver and I forwarded both 80 and 443 on the router, I can confirm the ports are open on my machine but despite being forwarded on the router as well, I'm still not able to get to my website through the internet. Anyone...

am3ience by Just Moved In
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Telus Wifi 6 Access Point Questions

Hi, I just had Telus PureFibre 1.5 GB internet installed in my Vancouver BC apartment, which includes a Telus Wifi 6 Access Point. I can’t find a model number for the Telus-supplied Access Point, but it is a white cylinder with a removable bottom and...

Robgold by Just Moved In
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Changing the T3200M modem

Hey guys, I would like to purchase my own router from TP-Link to be able to configure VLANS. I don’t use Telus Optik TV. Can I just unplug the T3200M modem and plug the fiber cable directly into my new router (given that it supports fiber) as well as...

SAP by Friendly Neighbour
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Didnt recieve credit OR promo offer

Hi everyoneI literally just switched from shaw to telus on Thursday. However I was promised x amount in bill credit and a reduced monthly rate. Upon inspection they are demanding almost $180 from me. Should I just pack it up and go back to shaw? This...

ALongair by Neighbour
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Telus WiFi Boost Questions

I have the Telus WiFi Hub / Modem (big white looking cylinder), and I've heard conflicting things from three separate Telus representatives. Once the WiFi booster has been sufficiently connected to the network via ethernet hard wire, do I need to kee...

Wuurbz by Neighbour
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HiatusRAT malware

I'm curious if Telus is aware of how many devices they have compromised and I'd they are sending out recommendations to at least business customers about what to do?

MrRogers by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Port Forwarding set-up on T3200M / Firewall set-up

Hi there! I have recently logged-in into the settings of my T3200M modem from Telus to check how the firewall was set-up, and I discovered that there were lots of port forwarding rules set-up on the device. Over 20 or so, all from the same LAN start/...

SAP by Friendly Neighbour
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Roaming Rates

Why are roaming rates so high? I needed to use my phone on ten occasions in Europe. I came home to a monthly bill, including my regular bill of $231.84. Shame on you and all Canadian providers. The greed is abhorrent.

GerryWard by Just Moved In
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