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Getting Wi-Fi 6 actually sent out is proving difficult

Just Moved In

I had an ActionTec 3200M and when I signed up for PureFibre Gigabit customer service at Telus convinced me I didn't need the WiFi 6 that it comes with because they said I didn't have enough devices to need it.  First saying I didn't need it, then saying it wasn't compatible (which doesn't actually make sense since it connects to fibre just like the device I already have working.)  I fought back a bit, since I know I'd likely need it in the future, but gave in because fighting companies to give you what you actually pay for is exhausting.

Well, now I need it just like I knew I would some day.  So I contacted Telus to get me the WiFi 6 hardware for the plan I'm paying for.  Instead they sent me out a WiFi Hub that only supplies 5Ghz wifi.

How do I get Telus to actually send me what I paid for in the first place?  I just want the WiFi 6 hardware.  It shouldn't be this hard.


Just Moved In

Alright, I was able to get a technician sent out.  We'll see if this will finally get me sorted.