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Fibre optic internet and tv line drop!

Hi I live in quesnel and I have been trying to get a line dropped to my house since the end of august and I still have had no luck yet! I have had the crew at my residence about 3 and a half or 4 weeks ago (sept 20thish) and they said they would be t...

Dready by Just Moved In
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SmartHub Issues

This is silly. I can't believe it's almost 2020 and I still have to ask about this... A cellular phone, connected to the LTE network gets an IPv6 address. A "smart" hub, on the other hand, is explicitly excluded from IPv6. On top of this, ICMP is blo...

mtylerb by Friendly Neighbour
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ONT to home over Coax - where is MoCa?

I have an ONT in my garage like many ppl in the forum, running internet 300/300. From the ONT (fiber) it goes to an ethernet port, and from the ethernet port it carries to my Telus T3200M over coax. My assumption is there must be a MoCa in the garage...

AlexFast by Just Moved In
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Home Phone Won't Ring, Just Goes to Voice Mail

A couple of days ago, without my notice or having changed anything, I suddenly noticed my phone had a missed messages alert. I checked and the times noted were when I was home. Then, an important call I was expecting didn't come and I noticed again t...

Google home linking problem

I can link my account to my google assistant, but then I get a pop up that says something went wrong try again and it won’t move beyond the linking screen. I have unlinked and rekindled the TELUS home assistant so I’m at a loss

ShawnT by Just Moved In
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How can I check online areas of Telus outtages?

silver by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Watching Live TV on TSN

I am trying to watch Live TV on TSN, but when I try to login and select "TSN Go", a popup appears to tell me:There has been a technical problem!Please try again and if the problem persists, please contact your television service provider.I discovered...

Artiecon by Organizer
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Resolved! WiFi Paused on a device and can't un-pause

We set my son's Alexa Dot up in the Telus WiFi app so we could pause WiFi to it. Now that it is paused, it won't un-pause. The device is greyed out in the WiFi app but I can see through my Ubiqiti contoller that it is indeed "seen"... the Telus WiFi ...

Rahsten by Just Moved In
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