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Operator Number Password

Greetings, When I sign into voicemail on the web and click Profile > Password Details, one of the options is changing the password for my "operator number". What is the "operator number" password? It is separate from the web and voicemail password. A...

Shane by Leader
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Voicemail Map

Greetings, Telus has a voicemail "at a glance" guide which shows the menu structure on a single page. It is on the last page of this PDF: However, the menu map is out of dat...

Shane by Leader
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Resolved! Printer not responding

My iMac experienced a period of randomly occurring slowdowns. I was advised to reboot the router modem. This cured the slowdown but I am unable to print anything from the computer, two iPhones and a windows 9 laptop. Printer display shows it is conne...

DonKeyshot by Friendly Neighbour
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Email Replies

When I go to reply to an email, as soon as I start typing the email that i'm replying to disappears from the body of the email. This is very frustrating as I need to retain the chain of discussion. How do I resolve this?

georgi50 by Neighbour
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Resolved! SmartHub appears to block P2P/Complaints on Smarthub

I currently have the Telus Smarthub, which was the best option available in my area. I went from Alberta Communications to the SmartHub and while the speeds improved, my capabilities actually decreased. Ports are significantly more restricted, my NAT...

J_Y117 by Organizer
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New Register device pop-up, no internet

My internet was working fine yesterday. Got home last night and suddenly all. My devices want me to sign in. If I follow the link it tries to bring me to which fails to load.This is happening on my phone, desktop and laptop. ...

MisfireCU by Just Moved In
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Internet being weird

Yesterday I was rearranging my office so I had to move the router when I was done rearranging the internet light on my router is orange but my wifi light green i've tried switching cords but nothing seems to make the light green again. I didnt move t...

Zakk by Helpful Neighbour
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