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Resolved! email

When I send an email a record is kept. That record shows up when I wish to sent a new message and click on the "TO" button. There is a whole list of emails. I would like to delete them individually. I did it once but forgot how. Help

Reg1 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Cloudflare confusion

Hello all, I'm wondering about DNS settings as follows. The question:Will reverting my Telus DNS settings back to default cause issues with either my web host and/or my cloudflare accounts? The details:(1) Web Hosting and Cloudflare: I have a website...

YYCGuy by Organizer
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Resolved! IR extender on IPV 5050

If an IR extender is plugged into the back of a 5050 will it override the IR control on the front of the box or will both work.I want to control one box from two separate rooms where both tv's will likely never be on at the same time so one channel w...

Silly Question

When watching and PVR'd show. After I delete, there is no option to go to live TV. So I can't say go back to the original channel I was watching. I can only press the guide and start at channel 1. Am I missing something? I can't only go to LiveTV if ...

PL by Advisor
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Audio pass thru issues

I have a Yamaha receiver. If I set it to pass the HDMI thru when it's off it only passes the video. I thought it was the receiver until I plugged the HDMI directly from the telus box into my Samsung tv and again only video, no audio. I only get audio...

Telus Fiber ONT Etherchanneling

Do you know if the Telus Fiber ONT supports 802.1q and/or Etherchannel trunking?What I have is a border firewall and I'd like to dedicate my second Telus IP for outbound latency sensitive traffic like gaming and video. Attached is what I'm trying to ...

Untitled Diagram.png
Dexter_M by Just Moved In
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Webmail frequently logs me out

This has been happening for over a year now - I use webmail because I might be accessing my email from 4 or 5 different devices so want it all available from wherever I am. I share most of those devices so don't want to use Outlook or the iPad's mail...

srcook by Neighbour
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Resolved! Wi-Fi boost and original network

Can anyone tell me if or how I can configure one network using the telus Wi-Fi boosters?We just installed telus pure fiber (from Shaw) and realized that 5G coverage was limited. Installed a couple of boosters which solved the problem of 5G coverage b...

AaronQ by Friendly Neighbour
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Port Forwarding on T2200H

I have read so many posts pertaining to Telus Port Forwarding, with contradicting information. Some state Telus blocks all ports on a Non Static IP plan, others state Telus blocks specific Ports (21, 80, etc). To the point... I have been trying for a...

Chrisq by Organizer
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Resolved! Returning equipment

I cancelled my services over a month ago and still haven’t received a box to return my equipment. I’ve called numerous times and get a different answer every time. One of them being they are going to charge me for the equipment first then send me the...

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