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DSL Link Up Time

Just Moved In

Hi All,


My wifi has been dropping sporadically over the last few months.   To resolve the issue I have tried to disconnect devices, moved router location, turned off steering and performed a factory reset on the Actiontec 3200 modem.  I have recently noticed that when I lose wifi connection on my device that the DSL Link Up Time on the router main page resets but the system up time stays connected.  Does this mean that I have an issue with the physical line coming into the house?  





Is it all devices or just certain ones? I discovered that my iPhone does not like to stay connected to the 5 GHz network. It works fine on the 2.4 GHz network, and now I force it to go there while everything else in the house is on 5 GHz. Distance is not the issue as I normally am within a couple of feet of the router and it still dropped out. 

Its all devices.

Unless the router is rebooting nothing on the WAN side should cause your WiFi connection to drop. You need to differentiate between not having a WiFi connection and not having Internet access. Those are not the same. Can you clarify/confirm whether you are loosing WiFi connection or Internet access?