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Customer service & Billing

Just Moved In

Waiting for the second time this month to complain. Spent hours trying to get billing straightened out after MONTHS of Telus failing to get bill correct. Finally got response at third tier of Customer Service (alleged supervisor). Promised would do credits needed and change monthly charge. Get new bill, credits not given and invoice at incorrect amount. I have now been on hold for 30 minutes. Keep getting recording "we know your time is valuable and sorry for the delay" ...etc. Good companies have a call back option after about two minute wait. Telus wants you to give up so they do not have to deal with you. So, solution is not to pay bill until get final notice and tell them you are leaving-migrate phone number to another service which I am doing. TELUS IS JUST A HORRIBLE COMPANY. They could have a business number and four mobile accounts if they would properly handle customer concerns. AVOID THEM>


Just Moved In

Me... At 42 minutes on hold, I am giving u. I have missed calls on business phone waiting for service. At $25.00 an hour, I want to charge TELUS on being a total failure and wasting my time. 

I was just finished using Chat to resolve a billing issue with my home phone. I waited 5 minutes to get a customer service rep and it was fixed in another 10 minutes.


Key is to type "Speak to a person" or similar to bypass the robo nonsense. The automated answers are only useful to people who don't know how to use the My Telus web site.