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Telus and the frustrating experience I've had with them.


I've been in a uphill battle with Telus over internet for about 2 years now and I've had enough as they no longer respond to my messages and I'm not willing to contact them if nothing is changing. I've been stuck with Internet 25 and the highest I can go is only 25 whereas on the site it shows that I can get Internet 50 which is still horrible meanwhile my friends that live in newer neighbourhoods can get Telus fibre and I'm stuck with something almost 10x worse than them. Is this fair? just because I live in an older neighbourhood I'm restricted from getting better internet and they won't build new ports so what exactly can I do that's right nothing but rant. The main reason they say I can't get internet is because all the ports are full so why won't they make more ports and just take my money.



If enough people complain about the ports shouldn't they make new ones or is that only reserved for newer neighbourhoods?

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A new port doesn't mean faster speed. It's basically like another connection of the same speed that's already available. Telus isn't installing additional copper hardware in most areas. Everything is transitioning to fibre. It wouldn't make financial sense to install additional copper hardware in an area that will be getting fibre. Fibre will likely be available long before the new copper hardware has earned enough to cover the cost of the hardware and installation.


I'm on 25mbps as well so I can understand where you're coming from. 

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Yeah but I can't even ask for Fibre where I just got off with Shaw and said they could give me Fibre internet

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If the Shaw sales rep is willing to lie to you and tell you they actually have fibre to the house, that would be a red flag to me and make me wonder what else they're willing to mislead a potential customer on just to make a sale.


Shaw doesn't offer fibre connections to the house. They offer a deceptively named "Fibre+" which is fibre to the node that services a wide area, and then good old copper to the house. It's the same as they've always had but now with a fancy new marketing gimmick. Their upload speeds are also still completely pathetic too. Real fibre which has symmetrical speeds (same up and down) which Shaw can never offer while they're still using copper.


I've had Shaw not too long ago and couldn't keep a stable speed. During peak hours it would come to a crawl even with their "fibre". My DSL on the other hand has been very consistent and reliable. For what I do at least, 25mbps is sufficient for my needs (remote work, video conferencing, gaming). I'd rather wait for real fibre than get back a service from Shaw that can't keep a consistent speed.


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Everything Nitehawk says is correct with respect to adding copper infrastructure and Shaw's deceiving marketing. However that doesn't excuse Telus for not answering messages and ignoring clients. I've been through the same thing. Luckily everything is working great now, but dealing with Telus can be excruciating. Their agents are not given adequate training or empowerment and wait times of an hour + are normal. This is definitely an area that requires significant improvement.


If the DSL 25 service truly doesn't suit your needs, then in your particular case it may make sense to go to Shaw for the time being. Even though it's not fibre, it still is significantly faster and as long as your neighbourhood isn't oversubscribed you should have a better connection. I do note that I've got both Shaw and Telus internet (Shaw's my work line) and the Shaw service is disrupted  more frequently. So it's speed vs. reliability - which one is more important to you? There's nothing stopping you from coming back to Telus in a few years once Fibre becomes available.


I live in a 40 year old neighbourhood that was built with copper of course. However, it is common to have two copper lines going to each house so you could have two different land lines with different phone numbers. My current service uses both those copper feeds to give me higher speed. I get about 80 Mbps down and 20 Mbps up. It is called a bonded modem. They basically split the data at the wire center, send half down each line, and then join the data back together in the modem at your house. I find it works well, and my Optik TV works well too. I think I can get about 4 HD channels at the same time. So, you might want to ask to see if you have two lines and if a bonded modem service could be offered.


Telus has spent this summer digging up everybody's lawn to install fiber, and I expect it will to be to my house in the next month or so. However, I can't think of any reason why I would get it, unless they offer it to me at a lower price than what I am currently paying for the bonded modem service. Currently it looks like they will want about 25% more for for fiber than what I am paying now. That is a no go for me. 

@RonAKA  If telus will install the fiber have it put in . The selling of your house someday may depend on fiber being there..Where i live fiber was installed and sure telus reps (summer students) tried to sell the feature several times for a year. I waited a year then had them hook it up AND STAYED ON SAME 15/15 PLAN AT SAME COST. But after 6-8 months of going over data cap had it changed to 25/25 and had phone put on fiber also. I have heard of sales falling through because people needed the speed for running their work from home. The 25 plan is all the 2 of us need. I use telus satelite and we are happy with both protucts.  Polecat


Yes, I have agreed to let them bring the fiber to my house and I now have the lawn ornaments in my yard to get it done. However, I can't see any reason to agree to switch from Internet 75 to Fiber. I'm paying $52 a month with unlimited data for the Internet 75, and I think Fiber would be in the $90 a month range. But, perhaps they provide some kind of a new service deal.... It will have to be pretty good to make it worth a switch.

$52 a month for internet 75 is a good deal, I believe the regular price is $90.

It was a two year negotiated package with Optik TV. Fortunately I have a Shaw connection to the house and that helps with negotiations. I guess the PureFibre to the house will give me another option when the two years is up. 

TELUS support:
No worries.  technician also did his best.  When he was here the signal was acceptable.  However, it’s now a couple hours later.   I waited several minutes on the Ethernet connected PC to load Oakly speed test.   Eventually, I got this unable to connect to the internet sign. 
Then I tried next to the booster in the den.  Again waited several minutes.  Eventually was able to get 5.4 Mps
Meanwhile, back upstairs to ethernet based PC I am still waiting for a connection 10 minutes later 
Screenshot.  No connection 
To TELUS support
I am quite sure that there nothing you can do to fix this.  It seems we are just too far away from the Telus "Box" at 32 and 200 St.   A single line simply does not have the capacity to give us a dependable connection to the internet.  There is too much of what you call "attenuation".    A fancy word for "unreliablity". 
Our Smart TV also says the TV is connected to the network, but not to the Internet. 
Over the past few years I have wasted an incredible amount of my time to get this to work.  It is quite obviously beyond repair.  I appreciate the efforts of the technicians.  It's not their fault.   '
Telus clearly should not be selling internet service in this area of Langley.  I'll be speaking to someone about this.  I'm totally fed up.   It is not even worth half the amount we pay for it.   We should we getting 75% of 15 Mbps.  At best we get an average of 8-10, but only when there is any connection at all.   All intent connection are constant interrupted. I can’t even use my wireless printer.  I spent three days trying to figure out why it was Offline. I think I will need to look for another provider.  

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Hi. I have had this iPhone SE for going on 3 years. I never have been able to connect to the internet. I had to pay for tethering to get my iPad to get wifi off my wifi hotspot on my phone. My iOS is 10.3.3. Cannot update. My back up is 178 weeks no back up. Went to Telus stores. Lots of tech people told it's working on their end!!
I am so fed up. The guy who got me on the internet changed our plan. So after 10 g it. Gets slower. 6 days in. Low internet now. Not. No internet. At least before you could connect. Now neither the iPhone or iPad will work after I have used my data.

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Can you please clarify if the problems are with your iPhone SE or your iPad? They way it's written I can't quite tell. It sounds a lot like you have Apple problems though. You may want to take a trip to the Winnipeg Apple Store and talk to some people there about either device.


If it's your iPad that's stuck on iOS 10.3.3, which model is it? If it's a fourth generation iPad, iPad OS 10.3.3 is the last version it can get. You need a newer iPad if you want a more current OS. If it's a newer iPad, that's an Apple issue. Telus does not provide the OS updates. They come directly from Apple. (You can find your iPad model on the back of the iPad or by going to Settings > General > About)


If it is the iPhone SE that is stuck on iOS 10.3.3, that's something you'll need to get help from Apple on. Again, Telus does not provide the OS updates. If you can't back it up? Also an Apple issue. If you have a PC, download iTunes and do a full backup of the phone or iPad, if you have the drive space. You can often do an iOS update from there, if the device can get a newer OS, but I would ensure you have a current backup first and likely have talked to Apple first as well. Telus doesn't offer iPhone backups.


As for the internet, is it your phone that cannot connect to the cellular internet directly or the iPad? If you are able to tether the iPad to your iPhone then the iPhone would have internet access and the iPad is capable of using wifi. If the iPad can't directly access the internet, is it a cellular iPad or just wifi? What app are you trying to use to access the internet? What error messages are you getting? Are you trying to use cellular data in place of your home internet connection? If you have home internet and you can't connect your phone or iPad to it, you'll want to speak to your service provider. Telus doesn't offer home services in Manitoba.

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According to Apple, the SE should be upgradeable to the current iOS 14.4.