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Smart Steering can NOT be turned off - Arcadyan Boost 2.0

I recently got Telus and they installed a Technicolor FXA5000 network access hub and Arcadyan Boost 2.0 Wifi modems.The modems do NOT have the functionality to disable 'smart steering' OR enable 2.4Ghz Wifi. (That was tried on the admin portal Login)...

kenny_lkg by Just Moved In
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Remove an anchor cable of the utility pole

There is an anchor cable of the Telus' utility pole infront of my new coach house. The city ask me to contact Telus to remove it through strenghen the utility pole with a better solution. The Telus local technician says it's not his business. He will...

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renzi829 by Friendly Neighbour
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copyright infringement?

My son has been playing World of Warcraft for years and the odd time I would get an email from [email protected] about a copyright infringement related to a specific time for WoW, which I called Telus about, and they said they did not email...

Jeff2022 by Neighbour
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My laptop can't find my modem

just got fibre installed a few days ago. I got everything connected to the internet wirelessly, but my laptop can't seem to show my modem! I'm running windows 10. It show's my neighbours telus wireless networks fine, just not mine!


Internet using Eero

Okay this will be a rather long question, but would appreciate any suggestions. I am moving from a house that has cat 5 outlets in every room to a house that has no cat 5. It does have coax to all the TV's and I understand they can use MOCA adapters ...

PL by Advisor
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Why Telus raising my bill by over 25 dollars

I have been with Telus and got really great service for 50dollars a month my contract ending this month ther they want me to pay 85dollars a month for another 2yrs contract that is a rip off you will loose alot of customers that way me being one of t...

Jrugu by Just Moved In
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Technician did not show up

I had a technician appointment but he did not show up.I have waited for long time and I called to customer service centre and the representative agent did not say "sorry about that" or "sorry to hear that".The agent said that he did not about that ma...

pty1024 by Just Moved In
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Pure Fibre installation

My telus technician to install telus pure fibre connection was supposed to arrive a long time ago but never showed up, none of the support connections help, and if i dont get this done by end of month their shutting down my wifi, what am i supposed t...

Resolved! Telus customer service is HORRIBLE!!!!

Contacted customer service support online, big mistake, didn't get any satisfaction so called the 1-888-811-2323 number and was on the list for a call back. They called me three times and each time I was told to press 1 for a person, put on hold and ...

blg05 by Just Moved In
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