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Checking for closed/open ports?

This is my first post. Hello all, I am having some issues running a particular protocol with m VPN service. They have asked me the following: "kindly contact your ISP to check if port 31337 UDP is closed and request to have it open." Is this somethin...

davis_js by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Why Telus hides WiFi 6 equipment from cutomers?

I recently got a PureFiber plan from Telus and yet no chance to have WiFi 6 with it. It is saying WiFi 6 included but there is something wrong with this term. First they installed a T3200 which was not a Wifi 6 router, then after many calls they sent...

Mahdi by Neighbour
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Invalid IP configuration

Hi, I just started a new laptop but don't have a radio in it so I plugged in the cat 5 from a coax converter box, the light comes on the port and it shows in troubleshooting that it's connected without internet access stating invalid IP configuration...

Data Limit is Wrong - 1TB is not 1000GB

When I log into my Internet plan info, it shows my plan as Internet 150, which includes 1024GB of data as seen in the screenshot and on the Telus Support page Given this, Telus still charges me if exceeding 1000GB in a given month, when in fact I hav...


How does Fiber work?

Hi, Telus Fiber is layed out for our new townhouse complex. I've never had Fiber before though, is it possible to have a ethernet jack in every room of the house? Does fiber require a router still? In a perfect world I would hope to have a direct eth...

Fibre Optik

Why is there no Fibre Optik in South Edmonton 111st and Ellerslie Area. Being charged the same using copper lines as somebody with same speed using the Fibre.

Mally by Just Moved In
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rural internet 5 g hub

I have been dealing with trying to get 5G for 3 months, today I'm told 5G is not available in our area. I have spent at least 20 hour with support, technicians for nothing to change. Telus has no idea where the new 5G hub belongs, first it is mobilit...

land line

I was told seniors did not have to pay for their home phone land line. Is this true? If so, why are we paying when my husband turned 65 quite a few years ago. Please advise. Thanks.

linda19 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Heigh of Telus WiFi (Arcadyan) hub

Can someone please tell me the height of the WiFi (Arcadyan) hub ? (The solution to the post on "Dimensions of Telus Wifi Hub (Arcadyan)" only provides the diameter: 5.5")

awr0 by Just Moved In
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