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Slow Upload Speed Again...

Hi there, I noticed on the My Wi-Fi app that my upload speed has drastically dropped again. It used to average about 10Mbps but now it's at around 2-3 Mbps. My download speed, however, has remained the same since. In May, I talked to a technician ove...

Resolved! Issues with T3200M modem

I have a newly installed T3200M modem/router.I have excellent signal strength and speed however I am plagued but connection issues.Repeatedly through the day our devices, laptops, phones etc just drop the connection and reconnect.Our Roku TV often sa...

DavidR8 by Helpful Neighbour
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Transfer of ownership of Telus internet

Can I take ownership of someone else internet fixed term plan, I saw Facebook marketplace ad for internet plan take over, as the person is moving out of the city they are offering this. As they have a promotion, I was interested and they asked me my ...

codered by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Troubleshooting OpenVPN

Hello, I am new to Telus and was hoping to get some help with a problem with my OpenVPN server that started when I changed ISP. I have an OpenVPN server setup on a Raspberry Pi. It is set to port 1194. I have a the same port forwarded on my router. (...

ChrisYEG by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus boost

I have a starter pack boost. One boost is plugged into my Telus modem with Ethernet cable as instructed. The other number 2 booster is at the other end of my house boosting the wifi signal in my home office. The number two booster also has an etherne...

TakeFive by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Back to basics: T3200M & boost configuration

Hi,I have TELUS 150 using the T3200M modem/router and two boost units ... I set up a network through the boost app and get stable connection with good speeds (120 down / 41 up) on my computer the wifi randomly switched to the wifi network provided by...

Resolved! Outlook 365 - problems with migration to gmail

After the migration to gmail, my outlook account would not open. I am using Office 365. I removed and reinstalled outlook, which opened the program. However, all emails, folders and notes are gone. I went through the process of adding a new account, ...

vangirl604 by Friendly Neighbour
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Port Forwarding

Hi, I am a beginner and I am trying to port forward my router but I am not able to do that and also tried ddns host but still, nothing is working out. I have few questions that if I have created ddns hostname so is it necessary to configure it with a...

yang by Just Moved In
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