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ADSL/LTE still in 2023?

Just Moved In

So here we are just outside Calgary with Fibre and 5G in new developments within sight of our home but looks like nothing will ever be done to upgrade us as obviously too costly for poor Telus to hook in about 60 properties in our area community. I still have a Huawei modem with my self provided LTE antenna giving me a whopping 33 Mbps.

Where is the promised High Speed for all?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. The cost to expand the network is actually quite high, and we're working on expanding our network to as many locations as possible. Obviously certain locations, certain wiring conditions within some homes, etc. makes things a bit more difficult but you can always reach out to our Home Services team or fill out the form at and get your neighbours to do so as well! When Fibre is available, we'll let you know!

Community Power User
Community Power User

Is there cable in your neighbourhood? Often the installation in new residential areas is subsidized by the developer.


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