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Routing issue for Cloud Gaming

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I just got pure fibre internet and I bought a cloudgaming subscription.

I am having latency issues with GeForce Now. From my diagnosis so far, it looks like the issue is not on my end.

Sometimes I get 27 MS ping which is normal, sometimes the ping I get when playing is 60 MS. The issue is really difficult to explain.

I have fibre internet, normal latency I get is around 27 MS. However, for some reasons completely randomly my latency goes to 60 MS, not just temporary fluctuations. It stays there. On the exact same device connected to the exact same datacenter.
For easier understanding, I will call normal latency as normal and 60 MS as delayed.

I can be playing with normal latency and quit and play the same game again, suddenly my latency is delayed, completely random.

I know it’s not a device or network issue because:

I have tried multiple devices, including MacBook (Wireless 5ghz), Windows PC (Ethernet), Shield Pro (2017 Wireless and Ethernet), Samsung TV (Wireless and Ethernet).

Weirdly, if I do a network test from Geforce Now settings then it shows me my normal ping. If I got into the game it shows me the delayed latency.

When the latency is delayed, I noticed that it does not change my ping/latency to servers outside of Geforce now, that means my internet connection is still normal.

Once the latency is delayed, there’s no telling when it will go back to normal.

I have been scratching my head over this issue on its causes many times, please help me understand what could be causing this. I have screenshots to prove as well.


If I use a VPN, viola, it's fixed and it's close to normal latency. So it's definitely a routing issue. 30 extra MS is making huge difference. So how can I go about fixing it other than using a VPN whenever I want to do some cloudgaming?


Is this a problem on geforce now's end our router? Thank you for reading.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Yeah that's definitely not the experience we want our customers to have, and a VPN shouldn't be required to avoid performance issues. Have you had the chance to speak with our Tech Support team about this?

I did talk to them but it wasn’t of any help. They did a “network refresh” for me but it didn’t help. After that they told me to contact Geforce Now about this issue, I did but that wasn’t of any help either because Telus handles the routing.

Telus and Geforce Now are partnered in the “Ultimate Gamer” fibre internet plan, I think Telus should be optimized for GeForce now.