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Escalation - Request - Peering Riot Games x Telus


Hi There,

Just a bit desperate to send this message but hopefully will get your assistance on escalating the below request from Riot which I hope I'm in the right place to do it. I've been working with their support for multiple weeks on trying to resolve an issue but basically, I have been playing their games for a while, and something that I noticed is the following:

  • Game inconsistency (desync, lag) even if the ping/packet/jitter is showing that everything is fine
    • Video 1: At the same distance, the enemy will see the moving player first before the moving player sees the player who standstill. 
    • Video 2: Peekers advantage, this has been there since the history of the internet but at low ping it shouldn't be as delayed as on this video.
      [both players for the testing were located in Calgary]

  • Inconsistent PING
    •  Even if I select a server with the same location (Oregon), I will have a game where the ping is 25ms, and in the next game on the same server/location my ping will be 40ms and I can also have a ping at 60 ms. 

  • Ping changed
    • We do have friends and competitions happening in Chicago (Illinois Server), our ping used to be 25-30ms and now it's 60-70ms
      • This is affecting Valorant and League of Legends
    • We do have competitions happening in Dallas, our ping used to be 45-50ms and now it's around 70-75ms (it's already challenging to play with 45-50ms while players in that area are very competent and that additional ping can be very felt).

  • Ping can be corrected but we have to PAY but quality is MEH! 😭
    • In order for us to adjust our ping to minimal and optimize the routing, we have to use VPN, VPS, or Gaming Services like ExitLag which is an extra 15 to 20 CAD a month. This is unfair for us playing on the best network in Calgary.

My current system is the following:

  • CPU: Intel 13900K
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte Aorus Z790 Tachyon
  • GPU: Gigabyte Aorus RTX 4090
  • RAM: XPG 2 x 16GB - 7200Mhz 
  • SSD: XPG Gaming S70 - 1TB

This is also affecting the other player from Calgary on Telus that we play with (Team Game). I hope you can help with this, for me and for the people who play the games made by Riot.


Hi YYC_Super,

First off, a big shoutout for your incredible patience and understanding over the past few weeks. We truly appreciate your positive attitude as we work through this together. 

After some thorough research and testing on our end, we've been hard at work trying to pinpoint the root cause of the issue you've been facing. Your videos have been incredibly helpful in this process. However, I'll be honest—it's been quite a challenge, as everything seems to be sailing smoothly on our side.

But hold on, there might just be a light at the end of the tunnel! 👍 In your last message, you mentioned using TELUS as your ISP, and they seem to specialize in gaming-enhanced connections through their Fibre technology as per your comments. Upon closer inspection, we've observed something intriguing. The routing from your city, the vibrant "Calgary," to our various servers is not playing nice. Whether it's the paths to Oregon, California, Chicago, Dallas, or beyond, things seem a bit haphazard. Sometimes it's like taking a scenic detour, and other times it's like sitting in traffic—neither of which makes for a fantastic gaming experience, I'm sure you'd agree.

This isn't a one-time story either. We've come across similar tales from other players in Calgary, where the gameplay joy seems to get lost in transit. So here's a game plan that we're super excited about: Since TELUS is all about that gaming glory, we're kindly suggesting that you loop with this. Share this message and let them in on the quest for better gaming. If they're game (pun intended) to team up, we'd be thrilled! Share our PeeringDB page (Riot Peering Form) with them—it's like a backstage pass to our technical wizardry. They can tap into our dedicated tech squad directly and join hands to ensure every player in your city—no matter the Riot game they're in for—gets the seamless experience they deserve.


Believe it or not, this has worked magic before, and we're pretty confident it'll sprinkle some gaming stardust on your experience too.


Sending a wave of luck your way in Valorant! 🎮 And hey, we're really sorry for any inconvenience this rollercoaster might have caused you. Hang in there, and let's make your gaming moments legendary together!

Warmest regards,
Valorant Support


Community Power User
Community Power User

See if Riot can provide the server IPs. I'd be surprised if they do. Those would be important in trying to determine the path the data is taking. The videos aren't really of any use in terms of tracking down issues on the path to the various servers. It would be far more helpful if, once you get the server IPs, that you and your friend run traceroutes, or MTRs which provide more details of what you see, and it would allow others to run similar tests to see if there is a difference in path from other Telus users outside of Calgary.


Also Valorant's support message sounds very AI generated. No normal human talks like that. The previous messages I've seen from Riot support were written by humans and had actual useful information in them including troubleshooting, rather than just brushing the user aside and pointing them to their ISP.

If you find a post useful, please give the author a "Like" or mark as an accepted solution if it solves your trouble. 🙂

Thanks for responding Nighthwak.

AI or not I've been dealing with them for about 3 weeks on trying to resolve the issue and have been sent here to pursue the investigations. The video might doesn't mean a lot but just wanted to share what we do suffer and hope to find a solution. 

The test that we did 3 weeks ago was a MTR of and which came back with no issues. They wanted to see the latency, how many hops or something like that, and if there was any packet loss. Sorry, I'm not an expert in this. 

I will ask them for those IPs that you requested. I hope they will help me with this and hopefully.

Are you a Telus network tech?

Thanks for your help! 

It seems like they want to engage more with my ISP and want Telus to reach out to them directly to get to more advanced testing, below is the answer that I received from Riot, I hope this help.


Resume closed ticket: 850811

Please resume ticket: 850811 ------------------------------------------- Hello, As per our last conversation and your recommendation of running further tests with my ISP as well as having them do testing and contacting you for peering, please see their answer attached. And let me know what would be the next steps Thank you,


Today at 05:48
Hello there,
EmperoRAz1r is stopping by. Thank you for reaching out to us. I hope you are doing well.
I see that you've been having issues with your connectivity and I can imagine how that can affect your gameplay experience and performance. 
You can provide your ISP with the following IP to run some tests:
If they need more information please ask to get in contact with a Tier 2 agent and provide them with our PeeringDB page, so they can contact our dedicated team directly and see what else may be done. 
If you need further assistance afterward please let us know so we can investigate further. I will be awaiting your updates, and in the meantime, I hope you have a good day ahead and stay safe. Also, please note that, in case we don't hear back from you for more than a couple of days, your ticket will automatically be marked "Solved". You can still reply back if this happens, or you can create a follow-up, and we will gladly continue helping you troubleshoot the issues you are facing.
Best Regards,

"We are the authors of history"


After attempting various methods to obtain IP addresses for server locations in North America, the sole response I have received is that they require direct collaboration with my ISP. This cycle of communication seems to be ongoing. Could you please review the following message with kindness and consider assisting by engaging with them?

Thank you.


August 23, 2023 08:14
Hello again,

Thank you for providing us with the message you got from your ISP. As mentioned previously, if your ISP requires details on the routing, they'd need to contact us through the info in our PeeringDB page, so they can get in touch with our dedicated network team.

All that player support can provide in this situation are the game server IP ranges:

However, these aren't associated with specific regions in the way that your ISP outlined. If they require any further information, please reiterate the PeeringDB page or alternatively you could provide them with this email - [email protected]

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns in the meantime.

Kind regards,