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Trying to move my service but cannot get through on phone


I am moving soon and have been trying to arrange moving my Telus service but cannot get through on phone. Yesterday I was on hold for 1 hour before hanging up then for more than 4 hours straight for a total of 5 hours on hold in one day. Someone around 10pm finally answered only to tell me that I somehow got put through to the wrong department (tech support) probably because the department I was looking for closed while I was on hold. He told me he could not help with moving my service and when I asked him if I could arrange a call back he originally said no, then said he would leave a note for his colleague to call me back at 4:30pm the following day...well that was today and I received no call and so far have been on hold for another hour and half this evening. That is 6.5 hours waiting on hold simply to move my is this acceptable?? These corporations come in, charge us the highest rates on the planet, destroy our environment, undercut our wages by hiring foreigners and what do we get? EVEN WORSE SERVICE. Sorry but I am fuming atm.




Community Power User
Community Power User

Did you call the dedicated number described here?


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I wish there was a number for "Give me the speed that I pay for"