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Internet usage warning - unlimited data plan


I have the Unlimited Data plan on my home internet and today I received an email warning that I have exceeded my monthly internet data allowance.  When I sign into my account everything looks fine.  The message is from Telus and all links in it go to in sandbox).  Why am I getting this warning?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Did you recently change to unlimited? It may be that the notification settings have not been updated.

There have been previous reports of similar happening in error.


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When you log in to your Telus account, on the page where it shows how much data you've used, does it say "Unlimited" below it?  When I first got the unlimited plan, they forgot to change something, and it below the data usage bar, it still showed "XX of XXX monthly data allowed" (or something like that ... sorry, Telus site is screwed right now and I can't access that page).


Lots of strange messages lately..!!

There have been some problems on the back end at TELUS. My last bill had partial charges for removing my Internet service and then adding it back on for the same period. It should have been an net wash but they removed it at a lower rate and added it back on at the normal rate which resulted in an increase in my bill. I got it sorted out easily enought via Chat.