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WiFi Boost A and B


I have the “Trash Can” Arcadian modem and have been having issues with my WiFi boosters since the new modem was installed.

Today, I realized that the “first” booster - the booster that was first connected to my modem, has a unique serial number vs the other two boosters connected.

Boosters 2 and 3 have the same serial numbers as each other with the exception of “A or B” at the end of the number.


1st booster: xxxxxxxxx
2nd booster: xxxxxxxx A
3rd booster: xxxxxxxx B

Does this matter?

I am trying to resolve the Telus connect app issues - boosters don’t appear in app but show on modem software. Yes, I have deleted, reinstalled, reset - etc.

Community Power User
Community Power User

The serial numbers shouldn’t matter, but you likely will need to fully reset the odd one, as it was set to be connected by ethernet. 

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Thanks for the reply.

Okay, that makes sense and I have reset the entire network. Now, the modem software - accessed via an IP address, displays the boosters but the “Telus Connect” app on iOS does not.

I’d like to be able to shut off the booster LED lights. However, if the telus app won’t work correctly but my network still functions well - then, not being able to dim the LEDs on the booster pucks isn’t a big enough problem to go through resetting the modem and talking to telus service people who just keep telling me reset the modem or the entire network.

Just is life. However, my T3200M modem did not have many problems and ran for ten years solid.

I forgot to type this part: I figured that maybe the “booster pack” was different than the “expander pack” of boosters in some type of way and possibly causing the telus app not to function as intended.