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Rotary Dial Phone

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I have a 1970's Palco made in Canada black rotary dial phone with 6 wires coming out of the original black cord: black blue red green yellow and white.  Does anyone know how to connect/convert this so I can use it with a modern telephone jack in the wall?


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Community Power User

Unless you have your phone line on copper (not fibre) you can’t successfully connect a rotary phone. Usually, a rotary phone used the red and green wires, which were the centre 2 pins on the phone jack.

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Many thanks for your response, I hope to connect it to an xlink x-bt2, which has a telephone jack and connects through to my cell phone. Another newer pre-wired landline phone we have, with a 2-wire phone jack, does operate with the xlink, but we had hoped to be able to connect to the antique rotary dial model.


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You would need to connect a RJ11 plug to the end of the cable to get it to plug into the X-BT2. I did see the X-BT2 does advertise that it would work with older rotary phones so it may work if you can get the cable connected to it.

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