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Service agreement terms for PureFibre

Telus has finally reached my house with fibre, and made me an offer for PureFibre 300/300 service + Optik TV. I've been waiting for this, but a few things have made me think twice about jumping on the offer, such as questions about how the install is...

Resolved! Internet modem tied to address? No need to return to Telus

Hey everyone, I was wondering if this is accurate. I was speaking to a Telus rep over the phone because i had to cancel my internet as I'm moving out of the country. I asked how do I return the internet modem (the new advanced modem for fibre) and th...

Resolved! ONT vs Modem

I see on the PureFibre sign-up page that Telus gives you an "Advanced Wifi Modem". From speaking with Telus I'm assured that there is definitely an ONT. So the default setup from Telus should look like this: Fibre-in > ONT > CAT5/6 Ethernet > Modem >...

primexx by Friendly Neighbour
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Are there any outages ongoing? i can't seem to connect using wifi except for facebook, youtube, and google.

iiaann by Neighbour
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Lights on my modem are two different colours

I have a T3200M modem and my internet light is orange and my wifi light is green, I’m kind of getting worried about my service and am looking for support does anyone have any ideas ??? Thanks in advance

Tyrell26 by Just Moved In
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Google Earth

On fibre 25/25 would Google Earth preform better by upgrading to 300/300. Polecat.

polecat by All-Star
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No audio for Netflix using TOSLINK

So here is a strange situation. I have two optik TV boxes. One is a VIP5662W and the other one is a UIW4001. I am trying to connect an RCA soundbar using the TOSLINK. I have the sound option set to Stereo. I get audio for all the Optik channels for t...

wixard4040 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! personal webspace

I have been with Telus many many years, and always had webspace. I used it but rarely updated my page. I last did about 2 years ago, now I was trying to update my webpage, when I go to it, I get the 404 error. Have they done away with personal webspa...

bevinb by Just Moved In
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Resolved! IPv6 - IP address lost after ~30-90 minutes

Hi there, I'm using a T3200M in bridge mode for my 300/300 PureFibre connection in Surrey, with my own hardware connected to port 1 of the TELUS modem. I've also tried using a switch between the ONT and the TELUS modem and my own router. The same iss...

Paul_C by Organizer
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Telus PureFiber SFP?

I wondering if anyone has got their own SPF module and plugged it straight into their telus router or a ER-X (ubiquiti) I want to "bypass" Nokia ONT, and the Telus Router/Modem and plug it straight into my own router.

anjesh by Just Moved In
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