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T3200M Routing Rules

I can't see an option to specify routing rules on the router. Do I need to log in with a CSS account to access these settings?

gihonocu by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Static IP Address

Greetings, The connection to my printer breaks every time the router assigns a new IP address. I would like to assign a static iP address. I called technical support, but I couldn't explain what a static IP is. I think I have the Actiontec Advanced W...

Shane by Leader
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How to setup an incoming VPN

My wife has a home based business and recently hired an employee that will be working remotely from their home. We have been using TeamViewer to access a spare computer but are looking for a better setup, thinking of a VPN.I have read that the T3200M...

Synology NAS

Hi, I'm trying to set up a Synology NAS with a Static IP Address using the Telus Modem ActionTec T3200M. I've tried DHCP Reservation using the MAC address and selecting an IP. I'm not very well versed in this area and was hoping someone has run into ...

68Terra by Neighbour
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Resolved! How to change internet plans?

I am currently on a 15Mbps internet plan on no contract and want to switch it to the 75Mbps plan that is on a 2 year term. How can I do this, if it is even possible?

Aryun by Just Moved In
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intermittent signal drops on TELUS internet (copper)

I recently moved to Whonnock area which is easy of Maple Ridge. I'm on 6Mb download and 1Mb upload. I'm ok with speed since there is no higher speed available but there is sporadic internet drop. Since I work from home, I can easily tell when my conn...

Nad by Just Moved In
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Telus technical support LogMeIn Rescue

Hello,I am just wondering if anybody was ever offered to try and solve a problem by using LogMein Rescue screen sharing software after contacting Telus Help via chat on their site.My grandma recently contacted Telus via website and tech support asked...

Igor by Just Moved In
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