Gateway/router WAN IP different than reported at whatsmyip

Helpful Neighbour

Here's a weird one:

I have an Actiontec T3200M gateway, on DSL, not fibre.

The Actiontec's WAN IP is 100.82.x.x.

When I go to Whatsmyip, it reports 209.121.x.x


I have my own router connected through the Actiontec via Bridge Mode.  Same thing.

TP-Link WAN IP is 100.82.y.y.

Whysmyip reports it as 209.121.y.y.


No wonder why all my attempts at port forwarding never work, even though the TP-Link was fine when I had a Speedtouch modem.  Wasted hours on this the past few months!

Has anyone seen this before?  Thanks.


Port forwarding should work regardless. What changes is how you test your port forwarding. If you have set up dynamic DNS and you use that instead of an IP address then it should be seamless. 


I found a solution to this today which I posted in the other thread you noticed.

Hopefully it helps you too!