WAN IP is not a true public IP


Hello, my modem is getting a WAN IP that is not truly public: 100.80.xxx.xxx, I used to have a true public IP. Is there a way to get Telus to give me a real public IP so I can connect to my network from the outside? I am quite sure I used to have a true public IP until a recent move (keeping the same modem).

The 100.80..0.0/16 address range is public.

Sorry, but it's a non-routable private IP address for carrier grade NAT:

Private IP-address

Private internal addresses are not routed on the Internet and no traffic cannot be sent to them from the Internet, they only supposed to work within the local network.
Private addresses include IP addresses from the following subnets:

  • Range from to — a network with a or an /8 (8-bit) mask
  • Range from to — a network with a (or a 12-bit) mask
  • A to range, which is a network masked by or /16
  • A special range to with a or /10 network mask; this subnet is recommended according to rfc6598 for use as an address pool for CGN (Carrier-Grade NAT)


The modem indicates 100.80.x.x as its WAN IP address, but the external IP address is NAT does not seem to happen from the external IP to the "WAN" address of the modem = can't connect from outside.


I used to have that external connectivity, but not since moving. Any way around that?

Alternatively I could use the IPV6 address of my computer but that too is not working to connect from the outside.



I recently went from Internet 75 to Internet 25 and that process switched me from a true public to a CGNAT IP. I spoke to telus support about 4 times and they all swore the CGNAT IP was public and everything was fine according to their network support team.


I learned elsewhere that Telus some time ago had quietly started employing CGNAT for Internet 6 connections and lower so I imagine in this day and age Internet 25 and lower or Internet for Good accounts are being lumped in with the undisclosed CGNAT limitation. Chances are customer support is clueless that this is happening, especially when their network support team is telling them that the 100.80 IP is public (even when the rest of the internet knows it isn't).


The people I spoke with at Telus didn't have any options for me to purchase a public address and if you type "public ip" in at Telus' online chat support window thingy it'll reply with "Currently, TELUS residential services do not support port forwarding. If you require port forwarding, a static IP through our business plans may be more suited for your needs."


If you need port forwarding about the only way you're going to be able to do that is use a third party service/solution. For example, I signed up at AWS (free for 12 months) and used a linux virtual machine to create a tunnel back to one of my machines here with wireguard.  Now I use the AWS IP to remotely view my security camera for the few times a month that I actually need it.


I can understand from a business perspective on CGNAT and lower tier internet service, especially with IPV4 space being empty, I just wish Telus would admit to it instead of sticking to the "100.80 is a public IP" script.