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Modem Upgrade


I had upgraded to Pure Fibre internet back in October. I had a Telus technician come out to look at our smart home security in November and he mentioned that our Modem was out of date. At the time, he told us he could likely install a new modem at a cost of $x/month. I told him that I would call Telus directly


I called Telus and explained the situation to them. They assured me that the technician was right and that my modem was in fact out of date and needed an upgrade. They sent out a new modem and when it arrived yesterday, it was the same one. I called them back and after being on hold for 45 mins, the first agent I spoke to told me that they were having supply issues in getting me the new modem and they would send a technician out to just install the new modem.


After the phone call, I noticed on the automated text message I was going to be charged $150 for the visit because it's an install I can do myself....even though I don't have the right modem. I called Telus back and again, after another 30 min hold, the agent this time told me it is because that the modem I have is currently compatible with the internet I have signed up for which contradicts what I was told previously. 


Can someone who knows what's going on please chime in or get in contact with me. This is getting a bit ridiculous.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@tongk88 I'm hoping to collect some more info from you so I've sent a private message your way - please keep an eye out for it 🙂