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Telus is charging me wrongfully for a feature I did not consent to add

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Telus added long-distance calling to my home phone plan without my consent. They did not ask me whether I wanted this. They added it without notifying me in any way. I do not make or receive long-distance calls and I do not ever use or want this feature. I have never had it before, it just appeared on my current bill for no reason. Last time I spoke to Telus about another wrongful charge on my previous bill that they had to refund, I told them 3 times not to make any changes to my plan. They confirmed that they would not make any changes. They still went ahead and did this to me even though they told me they would not make any changes. I am disabled, surviving on extremely low income and I am now unable to afford my bill because they did this to me. I have had so many bad experiences with Telus that I am now at the end of my rope.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@TelusCustomer5 We don't have the ability to look into your account on the community forum but I sent you a private message to see if we can steer you in the right direction. Please keep an eye out for it 🙂