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Customer service

Just Moved In
Telus is quite literally the worst. Have been trying to contact for the past MONTH. I have moved and I now have my old apartment for only one more week. Takes 3 hours of time that i absolutely do not have to get ahold of anyone. And when I did they told me my new address just didn’t exist and they would call me back the next day and have it figured out. Guess what… Been almost a week and no call. I will soon no longer have the keys to my old place and also I can’t even cancel because my stupid self signed a 2 year contract. I am so done with telus this is the most frustrating thing of my life and I 100% would cancel if I didn’t have to pay $250. If I get no response or nobody answers the phone I literally will not pay my bill this is so outrageous I am switching my phone plan I would literally rather not even own a phone than use telus again. Any tips are appreciated!!!!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.