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Can't Find Certain Gaming Servers

Greetings, The Problem:I am trying to get some help on trying to reach a certain gaming server, and potentially others that I'm not seeing anymore.I used to be able to play this server all of the time. Then one day I just can't find it anymore and I'...

Resolved! MoCA Questions

Just got PureFibre installed. A couple of MoCA questions:With my old setup, my Optik PVR was connected over coax using two Actiontec ECB6200 boxes (I don't have Cat5 available at my PVR). Is the ECB6200 compatible with the MoCA port on the new NH20A ...

Resolved! New Setup 1.5 Gbps - Questions about setup

Hey, I just had my internet upgrade earlier this week, sadly I wasn't home during the install to ask any questions. So when I came home I noticed I no longer had the 3200 and a access point for wireless tv boxes. It is now setup Nokia ONT -> Telus ne...

boodog by Neighbour
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WiFi 6 2.4 Ghz or 5.0?

I've gone through all the data available for my new Hub & Wi-Fi 6 but I can't see how to tell if it's 2.4 Ghz or 5.0 Ghz or both.I'd like to add a couple of wi-fi outlets but they say they operate on 2.4 Ghz & I can't find out what we have.

Resolved! IPv6 configuration settings?

Short version, I have purchased own wireless router to replace the router functions of the Telus Gateway (T3200M). The gateway is currently being used as a modem only. Everything is working great (better) except I no longer have any IPv6 connections ...

Upgrading Telus Wifi Hub arca9302b0bf

Has anyone had this issue with upgrading a modem to support Wifi 6 802.11AX.Just spent hours on the phone with Telus about getting my current Telus Wifi Hub (802.11AC) upgraded to the new Wifi 6 > Telus Central Hub (802.11AX). They insist that I can ...

ITRS by Neighbour
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PureFibre Conversion / Wifi Boost 6 vs Wifi Hub

Hey everyone,I just got upgraded to PureFibre. Installer left me with an ONT, a (wired only) network hub, and a Wifi Boost 6. I just had a Telus Wifi hub delivered. Seems to me I can replace the wired hub and Boost 6 with this new Wifi Hub. Just wond...

PXL_20221126_193741981.jpg PXL_20221126_193800458.jpg

Resolved! Email Storage

Hello,I would like to increase my mailbox storage beyond 15 gigs. Appears I can't increase my mailbox size with Google 1. Does Telus offer any options to increase storage?

Make sure from promotion

Hello,I just wanna make sure!I got promotion from this email.And they call me from this number (866) 558-2273Shareable Plan for 1 each line :Unlimited Calling & text messages (All network across the Canada/USA)1000 International calling minutes (All ...

mosultan1 by Just Moved In
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