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Internet disconnects in Langley since Dec 24.

Just Moved In

I'm in Langley BC and I've had my internet disconnect intermittently since Dec 24 2023.  This affects Optik TV as well as the picture will become choppy, or will freeze, or will just outright lose the picture and the box will display a message indicating no signal.  The internet on our PCs will disconnect every so many minutes for a few seconds and then reconnects.


We'll have it work perfectly for hours at a time.  It was a problem on Christmas but I assumed that since it was a holiday that Telus would be understaffed.  The problem appeared fixed as of Dec 27 so we thought it was dealt with but it has since resumed.  We've noticed that the problem occurs when the wind picks up outside, suggesting that perhaps there is a loose cable somewhere that is losing connection when the wind blows it.  Is anyone else in Langley dealing with the same issue?  That will help narrow it down if the issue is with my house or if it's a regional issue.


Community Manager
Community Manager

@IanSane Are you still experiencing issues?