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Where did the 10$ discount for Koodo customer go?

Friendly Neighbour
I was reviewing price for Telus Internet versus Shaw, and I saw that it said I would get a $10 discount if I was a Koodo or Telus Mobility customer I am a Koodo customer, so initially when I selected the plan it priced it at $95 a month for the first two years, and then went up by 20 bucks at the end of that, but during the process of reviewing my cart, the price changed to $105 instead of $95 no idea why and the Mention of the $10 discount is nowhere to be seen so what’s going on? I have scheduled an installation for next Monday but if this isn’t resolved I may just cancel that.
Thanks, Tim

Community Power User
Community Power User

The discount is still available:

You need to contact Telus customer service directly. 

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Friendly Neighbour
I see. Thanks for replying. I followed a link exactly like that and there was a little checkbox that was selected that said Telus or Koodo customer get a $10 monthly discount and the price for the plan I selected, pure fiber 940 mbps with $10 discount, at $95. Then when I proceeded to continue with that option the next screen says $105 as the price. WTH?

Why would I need to spend additional time to request that $10 from a Telus representative when I’ve already selected That option , that is easily verifiable, I’ve been a Koodo customer for years.

There is no need for this confusion.


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