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internet got completely disconnected


Today, my internet got completely disconnected, and it caused significant troubles at work. Here is my frustrating experience:

  • Around 5 pm, I attempted to use the 24/7 chat support on the Telus website, which stated no agent was available and provided a call-back number instead. The message indicated a call back within 15 minutes, but I didn't receive a call until about an hour later, around 6 pm.
  • The agent who called was helpful, created a ticket, and troubleshooted my account. After about half an hour on the call, the problem seemed resolved, and my internet connection was restored.
  • Just 10 minutes after hanging up, the internet connection was lost again. The Telus agent called back, reassured me that the problem would be resolved shortly, and it was fixed once more.
  • At 9 pm, during an important work call with overseas clients, my internet connection completely failed again. There was absolutely no agent available on chat or call, and the only option was to wait until the morning.

This entire experience has been incredibly frustrating and has severely disrupted my work. The lack of reliable support, despite the assurance of 24/7 availability, and the repeated interruptions to my internet service are unacceptable.

I hope Telus takes this feedback seriously and improves their service and support processes to prevent such situations in the future.




Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi @parinazghaffari is your issue is resolved, or did it happen again today?

I am facing intermittent internet service disruptions. Today, my connection was lost again at 10:06 PM. 

We'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.