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I have internet, but not via ethernet.

Just Moved In
So i am living in a rental with the internet included, its telus pure fibre. I have the login code and stuff for the modem but theres not much i can do from there.

My issue is: i plug in the ethernet cable from some sort of extender they use for the basement. It tells me to sign in via browser but it has no internet connection. So i cannot preform said task. I tried with wifi card no change, i have internet via wifi, perfectly fine. Just when using ethernet it says to sign into the telus site like i have to purchace a plan or something.

It could be just the extention modem thingy, as it registers a new ip for other devices i assume. But its confusing and i dont want to wait on the phone for 10 hours lol

Community Manager
Community Manager

If you're trying to hardwire into the LAN port of the boost unit, it won't work as an ethernet port. It's only meant to connect to the router. Do you have access to the router?