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Altima telecom removal from Telus deal

Just Moved In
I have recently been having a bunch of issues with Altima telecom, with internet being down for a full day and only intermittent access today. I am quite disappointed with the reliability of Altima and I want them removed from my services, but I want to keep the Telus home security that was bundled with the Altima connection. Is it possible to do this or am I stuck with bad internet?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. While the Altima internet can be bundled with our security system, we unfortunately don't support it. If you'd like to discuss cancelling that internet service to switch to another, you can reach out to Altima directly:


Altima Support: 1-866-810-7940

Local Ontario: 647-977-2266

Local Quebec: 514-800-2266

Hours: 8am - 9pm

Just Moved In

I have also had intermittent service from Altima (home phone-voip, internet and tv) just collimating with a 24 hr outage.  Understanding Altima(internet&phone,tv) to be part of Telus communications, I had to use my prepay telus mobility to access tech support for a 24 hour outage and intermittant service from Altima. 56 minutes used over two days mostly waiting for any response in the most recent outage ... telus is about to loose two accounts as I have been unable to get anyone on the phone to understand this dilemma. I'm not paying for intermittent/no service tech support.