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Can’t connect to some devices

Hi, so a few days ago some of my devices can’t connect to the internet. My TV, PS4 and my printer all can’t connect to the internet. They are connected to the wifi but the internet doesn’t work. However, my internet is working fine on my phone and la...

Zia24 by Neighbour
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T3200M constantly disconnects from network...

Hi, Wondering if anyone else is having issues with their fibre optic internet service? My modem constantly disconnects from the telus network and both Internet and TV services are affected by this. It's really frustrating now more than ever as I have...

B3n by Neighbour
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Resolved! White box before the t3200 router

I have a white box with ethernet ports on the wall that comes in from the pole that’s connecting the t3200 router. Can i unplug it to clear out the cache like you do with the router? Have no idea what the white box is called, just assuming it has to ...

Alter by Organizer
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Windows 10 Security

I just upgraded to Windows 10 (From my old Windows 7). I read that the security package supplied with Win10 is enough and no additional Security packages are needed. Is this true or do I still need to download your Norton Security for my PC. If so, d...

Dieter1 by Neighbour
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I have two Arris box's in my basement that feed tvs upstairs . My IR repeater worked fine on the old box's but since updating I cannot control the new box's and my popularity in my house is shrinking quickly! Who has had success with Bluetooth remote...

miwavuda by Neighbour
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Double NAT

I have a Netgear ac1750 that im trying to connect my to my actiontech T3200m. The only way i can get it to work is by using default settings on the T3200m and plugging my ether net cord into the wan or the port1 but i end up with Double NAT. If i use...

Janvrin3 by Neighbour
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