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Technicolor NAH - support flow control?

I was wondering if anyone knows if the 10g port on the Technicolor NAH supports flow control?

I am having issues with my Synology RT6600ax router and Synology support is asking me to find out if the Technicolor modem supports flow control.

I currently have 1.5gig internet service and can get that speed when directly connected to my laptop using a 2.5gig network dongle. But once connected to the Synology router I can only get 650mbps through the WAN port that should support up to 2.5gig. I was at least expecting 940mbps.

I will continue to troubleshoot with Synology but was just looking for an answer to the flow control question.

Thanks for any assistance you can provide.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello! Nothing on our end here that we could find. Let us know if you get an answer for this through Synology!


Thanks for looking into this for me, I appreciate it. I heard back from Synology this afternoon, it looks like the developer at Synology had to remote into my router and “force on” flow control. They had done this already about 2 weeks ago so I will see if this is a permanent solution to the issue. I will do some testing over the next couple days and reply back with an update.

Spoke with Synology and the developer changed some settings in my RT6600ax to force flow control on. I am now getting 882 download and 940 upload. Which is much better than it was, but I would still like to see the router max out a single connection at 940mbps download. I can max out the router if I use the standard WAN port and get 940/940 down/upload. Will keep working with Synology to get the bug sorted out. Just wanted to post an update in case anyone else runs into this issue.

Wanted to post a quick reply and say thanks for the input. Turned out I had a bad wifi router and Synology replaced it under warranty.