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Internet Plans Not Available at our Address

Just Moved In

Our house was built in 2015, with two attached dwellings replacing an old single house. When I check out available plans, it indicates that there is no fibre availability (it only offers lame low-speed service), but when I enter my neighbour's address, it indicates we can get fibre speeds. I tried calling Telus Sales and Service but got no help, they basically said they couldn't do anything. We currently have Shaw Gig service, but would love to move to Telus, as we've got Telus Security as well as two Telus cell phones. We just need our address updated to show it supports the speed since our address does not appear to have been registered in the Telus system when built.


Community Manager
Community Manager

It's likely there isn't a drop connected to your home in which case it would have to be run. Do you recall TELUS running that drop to your home?

Interesting way you phrased that - So how does one get Telus to run a drop to our homes?  Fiber was installed on the poles here 4 years ago now, it's 50 feet away from the corner of my house.  I get the same reply from Telus as dwoodbury "Sorry, fiber isn't available at your address..."