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Where do I thank your support staff?


I recently switched to Telus Fiber from Shaw and I am extremely happy with the much better product. It is better in so many ways, higher bandwidth (1 GB), lower latency (0-1 ms) and most importantly much much more stable (hard to quantify but network dropouts were occurring multiple times a day and bad ones were messing with my mesh network weekly). 


But that is not why I’m here...I’m looking for a way to thank all the installers and support personnel who helped me with the transition. My setup was much more complicated than most anyone else because I live in a lane way house on a corner lot. While my “house” has a separate address and street front door, it is part of a small strata which complicated the install. Typically fiber is installed to the house from the street by one group at Telus and then it is connected to a fiber modem by another group at Telus. At our place the first installation was done two years ago so all we needed was the final step you would think. The problem is that the fiber was pulled to the main house and it was not clear how to get it to the lane way house. 


To make a long story short it took a number of installers coming out to our house to figure out what to do and which group at Telus is supposed to do the work. Early on one installer patched a fiber cable across the garden to give me this new internet Nirvana that day while we waited for another group to come another day and get the fiber pulled properly. Very much appreciated.

The fact that many times the installers needed to briefly come into the house to check the fiber connection was also very much appreciated. In these times they could have easily decided that was too risky and refused to complete the job. I would have completely understood.


I’d also like to thank the support people who had to listen to me unpack the whole situation a number of times so they could understand what I needed to happen for the next step. I was a little stern with one support technician who suggested that nothing needed to be done at one point. Once I finished explaining the full situation, he quickly switched to making sure the next appointment was all set to go. 

The only thing I can complain about with the entire experience was the frustrating automated call management system. The AI (artificial intelligence) would ask me how it could help me, but the situation was just too complicated to explain to an AI. It always took a frustratingly long time before I could get to talk to a real human who could help me get further along in the process. It would be nice to have a simple support code for an open case that would allow me to bypass the entire screening process and jump right to someone who could help me get farther along. 


I can see that my situation was probably 0.000001% of the typical calls so I was expecting it to be more difficult to get to someone who could understand my case. The nice thing was that whenever I did get to a support person, they were able to help me. I’ve dealt with other organizations where you get bounced around between groups trying to find someone to help until the call is eventually dropped. With Telus it was always a simple process. 


1. Call in and navigate the annoying AI

2. Wait for an extended period until you could talk to someone

3. Explain the situation to the support person. 

4. Get the next visit scheduled. 


Again thanks to everyone involved...I hope that somehow this message can get to you, which brings up my other complaint...I couldn’t find anywhere that I could thank you for all the help. This is the best I can do. 


Welcome to the neighborhood. Most threads posted f here are about problems and complaints which is the norm for any support forum. It's refreshing to read a post like yours.



@BruceJ @xray  Nice to see this. I have found that Telus has helped me with any problems i have had. Their ai system has never worked for me. They should reinstate the call back program. You can't get the ai to do anything for you. I don't like the forced email change but it will do for now because only use it to two other people. The wife uses text but i prefer to phone instead that way i get a answer right now not 2 days later. I buy the services i want from Telus at the price i like and don't ask about any loyalty things.