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Horrible customer service

Just Moved In
To set up a new order for home internet, an agent told me we did not need a technician to visit and just wait for a modem to be shipped out. But I did not receive a modem after waiting for a whole week. I had to call Telus and they said my order was pending because there was no an appointment with a technician!! So the 2nd agent created an escalated order and she promised me would call me back in 2 hours. But of course, I got no calls. I called back Telus again, the 3rd agent told me the system was in maitainance it might be the reason why the 2nd agent did not call me back. The 3rd agent said he left a message to the 2nd agent so she would call me back once she had news. Of course again, no news after that. This company either has big issue with an unstable system or they just don't vare about customers. Both are not convincing reasons. I am seriously thinking to cancel all my services including the mobility with Telus, it seems Telus doesn't care about losing customers.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. I'll send you a private message to discuss further.

Helpful Neighbour

I did not get a private message from you today.  However, today, UPS delivered new internet hardware to my other address, unrequested by me. This was an automated dispatch caused by your call center incorrectly changing the service address on my residence to my other property - creating a new, second, internet service at that address. Your systems automatically had the warehouse send new hardware.  If they want it back, you can come get it. I am not hauling it back to a shipping center on my time for Telus's error, unless you pay me for my time.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I was actually replying to the original person above. Have you been able to speak with our team online or over the phone about this?