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Fibre terminal?

Just Moved In
I am trying to install a Wi-Fi hub… I do have fibre, or at least I have been led to believe so, but my fibre terminal is not one of the two options described in the hub installation instructions - It is quite small, maybe a bit bigger than a deck of cards, with a Primex logo on it and only a port for fibre - nothing else - no lights, no Data or LAN ports.
The modem I currently have is just connected with a fibre cable. Do I just connect the hub to this terminal without the LAN or Data? Should I just contact Telus?

Community Manager
Community Manager

I haven't been able to find a definitive answer regarding that model so reach out to our Tech Support team by calling 1-888-811-2323 or via Live Chat online over at and they can dig in with you.

Friendly Neighbour

you will need to connect a fiber cable to that primex box and then into the wifi hub