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Fibre service in copper

Just Moved In

I contacted Telus to ask if they could provide pure fibre in the condominium that I am moving to. I provided the address and the rep said they definitely could provide me fibre and quoted me a price..

when I specifically asked if this was the pure fibre the rep said no because the building only has copper 

so I am puzzled at why they called the service fibre when it is on a building that only has copper service. I am trying to determine the best provider to contract before I move into this condo but now I am confused about who can provide the best, honest, service in this 20-year-old building in Southwest Calgary 



Hi @FreddyG well this wouldn't be under the control of any service provider, that is your building wiring in a condo. The original developer would have been responsible for the infrastructure and wiring etc within.


Many companies boast a fibre 'backbone or infrastructure', but that is misleading to many customers.


Shaw / Rogers will say they have a fibre based service - which is generally true, but that is only out on the street or to a local distribution box, not to your actual physical property...  


Unless a service provider actually installs fibre to your property, then it won't matter which company you choose, the limits, such as speed, sharing bandwidth etc will be limited by that final connection. Obviously re-wiring a Condo is probably out of the remit of most, if not all service providers.


TBH I am a customer and not a fan of TELUS TV, if you check out any of my posts you will see LOL. BUT, they do have the best as far as I am aware, of upgrading and providing ACTUAL fibre connections to households. The gigabit service I have provides actual gigabit download and upload speeds of 940 Mbps (min) down & up ALL the time. Which is outstanding.


I hope this little bit of info helps you with your decision! 😉

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