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Discrepancy in Billing

Just Moved In

Last year, during the Black Friday sale, I received an offer from a Telus authorized dealer for $60 per month for internet services. I accepted the offer, and Telus installed the internet at my residence. 


To my dismay, in January, I noticed that my billing amount was $105, significantly higher than the agreed-upon offer. When I contacted Telus, the sales representative denied that such an offer was made, stating that they would never provide services at such a low price. I pointed out that I had received an email from Telus with the label "Telus Authorized Dealer," confirming the agreed-upon offer.


However, the representative dismissed the email, claiming it was from the dealer and not directly from Telus, thereby refusing to adjust the billing amount. Frustrated by this response, I contacted the dealer, who acknowledged the mistake and assured me that the price would be adjusted.


Despite their assurance, my recent bill reflects the same higher amount. Upon contacting the dealer again, I was informed that a discount code had been applied, and I was advised to monitor future bills.


This situation has left me extremely dissatisfied and frustrated. I seek your guidance on the appropriate authority or department to report this matter and ensure a resolution to the billing discrepancy.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Definitely not the experience we want our customers to have. I'll send you a private message to discuss further, thanks.