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Resolved! T3200M can I set up a VPN

If I cannot as I have looked thru the admin console, is there a router upgrade from Telus that will let me configure a vpn? Tx

WillieB by Neighbour
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re Email move to Gmail aliases

I have received notice that my Email is being moved . I have 3 mailboxes ( accounts) with 4-5 aliases in each account . only a couple of the aliases for each account are recognized by gmail and receive a redirect prompt when entered in telus webmail ...

johnm1 by Just Moved In
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High Loaded Latency

I have fibre internet but I'm seeing quite high loaded latency compared to when I was using Shaw internet. Did a bit of digging only about loaded latency and it sounds like it's possibly an issue with the Telus modem not dealing with house traffic we...

Gandrel by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Network for wi-fi boosters

When I add a wi-fi booster (starter) pack to my network, should I be using a different network ssid than my current one? That's not how I expected it to work, but the documentation implies that you set it up with a new network name. Thanks,Arthur

McSchultz by Just Moved In
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VOIP audio occassionally bad

We recently converted to Telus from Shaw. On Shaw, we had a measily 25 down / 5 up and rarely had audio issues even when 2 or 3 of us were calling in to web, skype, teams, or zoom calls. But now on Telus 150, I'd say at least half of my MS Teams call...

MorenMore by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Logging into 5g on Modem

Hi all, I repeatedly am having issues connecting with the 5G wifi network offered on my t3200 modem. When connecting to the 5G variant I receive a message back stating that my password is invalid. I often have to re-enter the same password several ti...

Tristan by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Paying bill through my bank

Hi there,I am trying to choose Telus as a payee for my Internet and home bill but don’t know which option to choose under the different Telus listings given by VanCity.Does anyone know what it would be called?Thank you

Skyrose99 by Just Moved In
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Problems using my own modem

Hi folks - I'm in Calgary with Telus Internet/OptikTV/phone services, non-fiber. The modem has coax going to the wall. I purchased an AX6000 wifi 6 router and have been trying to connect to the modem. I have been unable to get an external IP address ...

dnaworks by Just Moved In
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