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Boost wifi 6 hub - connect to home router?

Just Moved In

Just got Telus fiber gig internet installed today, and just have a few questions 🙂


My setup is that the NAH modem is in bridged mode on Port 1, to which I have my own personal router connected.


So for the Boost hub, it's currently connected to the NAH modem directly, not through my personal router. If I want to use it as a wireless access point on my own LAN network, I just plug it into one of the LAN ports of my own router, correct?


For devices that do connect through my own router, I take it the NAT on the modem is disabled in bridged mode on Port 1, right?


Lastly, just curious--how good is the Boost hub for wifi? Is it reliable? I have another router I use as a wireless AP in the one part of my house where I don't get good wifi coverage, so just wondering if it's worth replacing that.



@canadave Wrote: I just plug it into one of the LAN ports of my own router, correct?


That should work very well...


Again correct, when in bridged mode the signal is just passed through port 1 of your Telus device.  


You look like you could have a couple of options with your 3rd question. You are capable of connecting either one of the secondary devices to agrner WiFi access, or for the matter you could utilize both of those devices in different parts of the house to give you better overlapping WiFi access for the matter.


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