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I put in for a move and telus cut off my email account

Just Moved In

The location for the forum I need isn't even an option. There is no option for being treated horribly, for being lied to, for being given the run around.

I contacted telus to change my home address and move the wifi to my new home. The agent cut off mine and my sons email on September 30, 2022. Both my son and I have contacted telus numerous times and our email still has not been restored. We have been redirected from one department to another. We have been told our email would be back in 24 hours numerous times - our email is not back. I was told when the wifi was set-up in my new place the email would be restored. Another lie. The tech who set up the wifi this morning said she knows nothing about this matter. My wifi is on and nope - no email  access. I was once put on hold for 3 hours and 38 minutes - I finally hung up as I needed to go to bed. My son did get a file number and a person to call. I called that person and left a voice mail. Her voice mail says she will get back to me in a timely manner and if the matter is urgent to call - guess what the regular number where I have been on hold for hours at a time with nothing resolved. What does a timely manner really mean?  I have been accused of canceling my account by numerous agents - no, I put in a change of address, at no time was I told my email was cut off. Before Oct 1 I did get an email saying my entire account was deleted and to return the modem or be charged $150.00. I called telus and was told - oh no, I received that email because the place where I would be provided with a different modem at the new place. Another lie because the technician used the old modem. How do I get this matter resolved? Who can I speak with who will actually help me? I have sent a message on messenger - no response. is there anyone out there who actually has the ability to restore my email? Why am I getting the run around? I just now got transferred to a different department and the agent hung up on me instead.


Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @MW22 I'm sorry to hear you're having such trouble with solving this issue.  The forum is mainly of other clients like you and a few moderators.  Please visit our support page to be able to get your issue escalated.  
Here is the link, 


You can send us a private message. 

Thank you.