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Slow wired speeds that regularly require T3200m to be rebooted


Hi All,


I've been struggling with this issue for a while and calling in to technical support is no help so hoping the community can help me. 


Here's my current setup. 1GB fibre plan comes in to Alcatel Fiber Optic box. Optic box is connected to T3200M operating in bridge mode connected to a google wifi router. Unmanaged switch after the google wifi distributes wired connections throughout the house. 2 wireless Optik TV boxes are connected to the T3200M.


Every few weeks, I'll notice my wired internet speeds seem slow. I'll run an interenet speed through the google home app which does a speed test directly to the google wifi router and speeds will be well under 100mbs. If I restart the T3200M, speeds go back up to slightly under 900mbs.


It's getting reallly frustrating paying for fast internet and only getting 1/10th of the speed. 


Any ideas what might be causing this?


One telus rep sent me the new white hub box but then another telus rep told me the T3200m was better so I never installed it. Would installing it in place of the T3200m help?


The other option is perhaps the overhead on the T3200M is too much and it bogs down. With some work, I could run wires to my two wireless TV boxes and turn the wifi off on the T3200M, would that make much of a difference?


Also, would it be an option, and effective, to replace both the Alcatel box and the T3200m with the new white hub?




Community Power User
Community Power User

The Alcatel ONT won't be an issue. A bridged gateway (T3200) with a third party router can be. There are many posts of users experiencing issues like that. Have you ever tried the T3200M when it was not bridged? I had a third party router connected to my not-bridged T3200M and never had any issues and I'm on gigabit also. All I had to do was make sure my router wasn't using the same IP range as the T3200 (192.168.1.x)  I'm not sure if the NH20A gateway they sent you has the same issues or not. It may.

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Thanks for your reply. Interesting, I never would have thought that not having the T3200m in bridge mode might help. Worth a shot, so I checked the google wifi and the T3200m are using different IP ranges, which they are, and turned off bridge mode. I'll report back and let you know if this fixed the slow down or not.

- CJ

So I tried turning off bridge mode a few days ago and yesterday the speed was back down to below 100mps. Restart the modem and back up to just under 900mps! So unfortunately that didn't help.

Any other suggestions? Should I try the white hub modem I have on hand and see if it's better or ask for a replacement T3200m perhaps?