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Resolved! So having a lot of trouble connecting my xbox to the internet.

It doesn't matter what settings I change, I can manually set up the entire network, port forwarding, upnp, DMZ, it does not matter what I do. The Gateway decides to "help me" and views my xbox as OptikTV and overrides ANY settings I make and only all...

graym672 by Helpful Neighbour
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Slow wifi speeds with gigabit?

Hi folksI recently upgraded from 150 internet to gigabit. I'm frustrated with the lack of upgrade (for lack of better words) at the devices over WiFi.Long story short this is what we've done so far:Replaced t3200 modemReplaced white box upstream of m...

JasonRoy by Just Moved In
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Problems with telus internet?

Hey everyone i'm having problems with the telus internet and was wondering how do i fix it because when i watch shows it keeps buffering and when i play games it doesn't connect or disconnects me. Any ideas?

constantly having to reboot modem

So since I moved into my condo about a year ago I've had on/off issues with my internet as well as pixelated picture when streaming tv shows/movie through the pvr (ie. on demand or netflix). This doesn't seem to happen on live tv which tells me that ...

Deven by Just Moved In
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Piece of mind plan 20 gigabyte

Hi, Telus representatives.This is not a mad complaint:I am sending you a truth I learned over my time using your internet plan. It may be of amusement, for you or for your next customers Intel. I clearly need to upgrade my plan when I get into a more...

Resolved! Hardwired unfinished basement help

Full disclosure, I'm new to this wiring thing and am trying to piece together these acronyms, so talk to me like your explaining it to your 5-year-old nephew (even though he might understand most of this better than I do...) I'm finishing my basement...

VP by Just Moved In
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Sonos set up

I have tried for hours to connect a new Sonos Beam to my Telus wifi without success. Sonos even sent me a new BEAM to make sure it wasn't the device. I still getting the same problem. The Sonos app sees the BEAM and sets it up but as soon as it tries...

TimA by Just Moved In
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Resolved! T3200M USB storage on Mac?

Seeing how others were able to use the USB port on their modems for network storage, I decided to try the same with my external hard drive on my Mac. I connected it to the back to the modem, and it shows in the modem's firmware settings. But when I g...

RyDawg by Advisor
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