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Resolved! Complaint!!!

I called your CS to add 6 additional accounts into my account, however your rep asked me to hold for more than an hour, to my surprise, he didn't add the emails instead he deleted two of the emails I have been using that cause the lost of a...

bcnl999 by Just Moved In
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Proper IPv6 Setting for Telus Purefibre/Arcadyn Hub?

Hey All,I got a new ASUS Zenwifi Xt8 router and I was hoping to enable IPv6 to take full advantage. Asus tell customers to reach out to their ISP to determine the IPv6 'Connection Type' to set the corresponding router settings properly, and they list...

adrockwe by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! New FibreModem NH20A - Cannot find default admin password

I just got Telus services installed a couple days ago and do not know where to find the default admin password for the new NH20A modem. I can find the admin password for the B20 WiFi 6 booster no problem, but that just lets me login to the Wifi unit ...

Sales Malpractice by Telus Representative

I had just recently found out from a Telus representative that my residence have always only had copper lines and not fibre lines. However, 1 and a half year ago, when I was resigning a new contract, I only wanted Internet 75. The Telus representativ...

Frizeo by Just Moved In
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OpenVPN access while on public Telus WIFI

Hello everyone,Could I please ask for your opinion on the following scenario:My iPhone connects to one of the Telus free WIFI around Vancouver. Connection is OK, I can surf Internet, check emails, etc... although slow but workableI have a small home-...

jamesnb by Neighbour
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Resolved! Telus My W-Fi Gues Access

Greetings, What's the difference between enabling guess access, and sharing my Wi-Fi password? Do they both do the same thing? Thanks,Shane.

Shane by Leader
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Telus Gmail account when I quit being a customer

Since my Telus email is now with Google gmail, a free service, will Telus be a decent corporate citizen and allow my Telus email account to continue after I am no longer a Telus customer or do they terminate the account? Thanks Some background.I live...

Telus Gift Payment for Old Stocks

Hi,I had some old stocks from 1997 with Telus that I recently discovered. I contacted computer share and went through a whole process of getting replacement certificates bonded. It was a very long and drawn out process, including The time sensitive m...

CWatson by Just Moved In
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