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Why is Telus attempting to overcharging us? On May 2nd we agreed with Telus representatives onHome Phone -- $15.87 TELUS Internet 150 -- $80.00 and Essentials -- $30.00for a total of $125.87 per month before taxesyet this morning we had an e-mail say...

Tom7 by Neighbour
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Resolved! 1.5G Fiber never reached

We have the 1500/940 plan, but my speeds never exceed ~900mbps. A Telus technician installed the Nokia G-240G-A and it goes into our UniFi Dream Machine Special Edition WAN2 port, which support 1000 and 2500 speeds. I can see in the UI that the port ...

Vincent86 by Friendly Neighbour
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Resolved! Can't log into BMO after fibre upgrade

Got a fibre upgrade in our home, everything is fine. But I can't log into the BMO website, brings me to a 404 page, on every browser, across multiple devices. Everything else works fine, when I turn off Wifi and use mobile data, works fine. Can't fig...

Can't Connect Devices Over Guest Network

My landlords and I share the wi-fi. They created a guest network for me but I can't connect any of my devices together over the network (eg my Roku app can't find my TV even though they're on the same guest network etc). Is there any kind of workarou...

Surrey service outage

Is anyone else still experiencing service outage is the Surrey area? I tried to report a problem but every time I did it just sent me to the screen saying that we are covered.A frustrated Client

Evan2 by Neighbour
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Port Forwarding Not Working

Hi, im trying to port forward the following ports: 2456-2458 in the TCP and UDP protocols for Valheim server hosting. I have tried to use both the Port Forwarding tab and the Applications tab. Both of these would not work, I have been checking them t...

Secured_ by Neighbour
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Advance wifi log in

I am trying to log in to, I've used the credentials in the back of the hub and it does not work. Ive also tried the default log in credentials that were posted online and nothing seemed to give me access. I also can not find the "access...

How to restore service after an abuse suspension??

Hello. Somewhere on my network there was a nasty little script running, that kept trying to SSH its way into random German IP addresses. Looking at the logs, it was a simple attempt, denial, and booted. Now, I had no idea where this could be coming f...

graym672 by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Using TP-LINK AX10 instead of T3200

Hello, We recently moved into an apartment with Telus Fibre. I'd like to use my TP-Link AX10 instead of the T3200. Do I just need to place the T3200 into bridge mode and then connect the TP-Link router? Something tells me it's not as simple as that.

japaul32 by Neighbour
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