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Ethernet wall ports not working


I just moved into a new apartment with a telus modem pre-installed that has 4 ethernet wall ports and 4 corresponding ethernet cables that lead to the telux box. When I connect all 4 cables into the modem and I connect my PC to one of the wall ports I don't get a connection, however, one of the ports on the back of the modem lights up green. On my PC I get the "unidentified network, no internet" notification. When I connect my PC directly to the modem I get an ethernet connection, just doesn't work through the wall outlet. Is there any sort of activation required to use the wall ports?


Community Power User
Community Power User

No activation is required to use the ports on the router. It is possible the ethernet wiring in your house is mis-wired, and not properly transferring the data to the rooms of your house?

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You said "new apartment". Is it new as in no one has ever lived in it?  If so the ethernet wiring was probably installed and terminated by the electricians and not a data cabling specialist.  Electricians think they know everything about wiring, but in actual fact they don't.  You'll have to get someone in with a data tester to test and fix the obviously mis-wired jacks.