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Boosters Compatible with Wifi 6

Just Moved In
I recently had the new Boost Wifi 6 installed, and when I signed up online I selected the wifi booster add-on. When the technician came to install it they didn’t give me the booster pack, and after speaking with Telus they informed me that the boosters aren’t compatible with the Wifi 6 system. Are there any boosters that DO work with this new wifi system? Where can they be found/what needs to work for them to be compatible? Seeing conflicting information as there is another post saying the old boosters work with the new wifi 6.

I'm using both the new WiFi 6 booster, with PureFibre X and the older telus boosters that were used with the Telus DSL connection.
There are set-up procedures built into the Telus Connection app.
I was also told by the Telus installer that they were not compatible. I'm assuming that this is good company policy to ensure stable installations.
I haven't had any issues using the old boosters.