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Resolved! Pairing a T1200h

My Optik digital box has been rebooted and wants me to pair but I do not have either of the 2 boxes shown as options. I have a T1200h and there is no pair button or option on it. If I power off or reset, it reboots the digital box and wants me to pai...

Dart8 by Organizer
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When I order a PPV movie in Telus satellite it does not play. I have chatted with telus about this and they HAVE NOT fixed the Issue!!! WHAT HAS TO BE DONE OR WHO HAS TO BE TALKED TO, TO RESOLVE THIS ISSE SO I ACTUALLY GET WHAT I PAY FOR?????? DO I H...

Resolved! Telus Fiber looses call display

No more call display on TV after switching over to fiber on Monday and intermittent sound drops are very annoying. Anyone else experience this?

Resolved! Type of Telephone Wire needed for service run of 150ft

Hello, I live rural and am fed up with my Smart Hub and want a landline connection for INTERNET only. Telus has a service box installed approximately 150ft from my house which has had an active account in the past.Question I need install simp...

Telus Chat

Am I the only one that finds ones account is messed up by accounts and billing after one has had dealings with them?Then one has to have the error(s) corrected by another.?

kruisey by Advisor
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He pulled out in front of me without looking, turned left no signal. Turned right no signal. Ran stop sign @ high school turned right no signal. Ran 2nd stop sign @ high school turned left no signal. (Construction site also) Never put his phone down....

mishee74 by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Telus Boost Wi-Fi

Quick question, I can’t seem to set up the Wi-Fi boosters without having one hardwired into my router, I thought they were both setup via a hardwire connection and then could be moved wherever, is that not the case? Is there something I am missing?Th...

is there static IP alowed by Telus

i got PA-200 set up in my home and im trying to set global protect and i can not get any static ip to ping as i have set my DHCP to be static on PA-200. What would cause that ? Does Telus allow the static IP's or is there something im missing.

AdoC by Just Moved In
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