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Conflict between Apple Mail and Telus ISP

Hi:There seems to be a wide spread documented conflict with Apple Mail and users on Telus ISP.What transpires is that all "replied" and "forwarded" icons (the little arrows on the side of the message) do not appear in Apple Mail on Telus accounts.The...

naddude by Just Moved In
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Resolved! Optic tv issues

On demand and apps will not work tonight. Amy other issues is west Abbotsford?

RUSTIC by Just Moved In
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How do I get Telus to respond to me?

Telus installed a fibre optic cable into my home in November 2016. The person who installed the cable drilled through my toilet's plumbing and my toilet started plugging every three months until I hired a specialist plumber to figure out what the pro...

Renee10 by Just Moved In
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The chat function does not work

Upgraded to fiber about a year ago. Recently upgraded phone to fiber and upped internet to 25/25 nice price drop. Phoned in with phone problems after install.... That was solved. But chat has not worked for about a year ????? The rep said it should a...

polecat by All-Star
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Resolved! Did you know we been charge extra on our billing with tax?

Hi Everyone Have you check notice the charges on tax is wrong? we been getting charge extra for the past few months! If you haven't you should and let Telus hear your voice. They told me was system error and should be resolve but they haven't. You sh...

Etown by Helpful Neighbour
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Resolved! Paid bill on a Sunday

Paid my bill today with credit card. Says there’s no owing balance and it is. I longer in dis injection statusBut the internet will still not come back on and it has been almost 2 hours

Tarah by Neighbour
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Resolved! IVR is awful

I am trying to get through to tech support but the IVR keeps saying it looks like the office you need to speak to is closed please call during business hours” but your website says tech support is 24/7

Tarah by Neighbour
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Resolved! data overages

I fell the need to RANT!Got a message earlier in the week saying I was close to exceeding internet data usage. Fair enough, although don"t really know how.Being an old guy maybe watched a little to many episodes of a season 1 show in 4k on netflix an...