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Telus PureFiber Bridge mode / direct connect with own router issue

Just Moved In

I just switched to Telus PureFibre. Part of when I ordered I was told I could use bridge mode and the installer that came said I could even just plug directly into DATA1 on nokia ONT (g-240g-a) . I have a Asus Zenwifi XT8 router and Mesh in my house. With shaw bridge mode worked as expected and I have had no issues. 


Since installing Telus. when I connect my router to theirs (T3200M) non bridge mode everything works. Once I enable bridge mode my router will work for a while then all of a sudden it can no longer use the internet. a reboot of the devices is required to get it working.


When I plug my router directly into the Nokia I get the same issue. Gets an IP Everything works great for a while then after a number of hours no internet.


I have made sure I am running the latest firmware on my router. (even tried rolling back to an older version) 


I will not even get into what happens if I enable IPV6 with Telus! internet goes up and down every 30 secs! again No issues with Shaw.


Anyone have any ideas? I do not have Optik tv's so I so not need the T3200M for anything.




Good Day,

I was speaking with a couple of Telus fiber installers the other day about this exact dilemma. categorically both expressed the opinion that utilizing the T3200M was a far better solution. Both expressed that the g-240g-a was very difficult to have the bridge settings stick and apply through many reboots of the device.


That being said, even better than bridging the Telus modem and feeding it to a pro/consumer-based router/firewall. I might look at acquiring a device that is capable of utilizing an SFP module interface for the Wan input and connecting the fiber directly to that. No need to bridge the Telus hardware period. Just a thought. Cheers…


Does your Asus have DNS Query or Ping enabled in network monitoring settings? If so disable that.




One thing you could try first is to connect a laptop directly to the NOKIA ONT, and see if your internet connection drops. 


If you don not have optik subscription from TELUS why do you need to use their supplied router? Just use your router and connect it directly to the optical modem.