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Help desk no help

Trying to get fiber hooked up to our new to us house. 1st tech found fiber cable broken. He rebooked a service call. 2nd tech arrived found the cable not repaired. Confirmed no signal from main box. Escalated ticket. No response so we have spent abou...

Signed up for PureFiber and it has been AWFUL

We recently moved to a neighborhood that had Telus Fiber in it, we were excited to increase our speeds as we both work from home and do a LOT of international online meetings. Having fiber would stabilize our connections and our meetings would go smo...

CG39 by Just Moved In
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Telus optik tv

If you have the same internet which is telus and your streaming no cable and you purchase a movie on youtube. also someone else has a optick TV and cable with telus in your home. can it show If you payed for a movie on youtube if someone gets a bill ...

bublegum by Just Moved In
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Asus router media bridge no 5ghz

I am trying to setup my asus router in media bridge mode so that some wired devices can use the wifi connection. Connection is as follows:T3200M (WiFi) -- Asus router as WiFi client -- Wired devices. The issue I am having is that I can not connect to...

Xcelsior by Just Moved In
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Home internet

How do I change my Wi-Fi password from away from home on my home internet Wi-Fi so that some people that are at my house cannot use it

Mcvillan by Just Moved In
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Ethernet port not working

I had a Telus tech activate an ethernet wall port a few weeks ago. Now I want to use it with a cat5e cable, but it does not work. The wall port does not work on any computer/laptop.

Resolved! Pressing buttons on incoming phone calls

Hello,Sorry this might be a silly question but I really need to find out for sure.Is it true that, if you receive a (incoming spam) telephone call, and pressed some buttons (1 for x, 2 for y etc.), you could end up signing up for some services and be...

jlijli by Organizer
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Resolved! Admin password not working on B21a

Hi, we recently had Telus fibre internet installed by a Telus installer and it consisted of a fibre modem and a B21a booster hub. After he left I followed the instructions on the Telus Connect app for self install, skipping the installation setup as ...

Win57 by Just Moved In
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